How we started?

Rice Kids is an initiative run by the Pranakh Foundation. Rice Kids started as a small community effort led by two kids who at the time were 6 and 9 years old. Anakh Kaur Sawhney and Prabir Singh Sawhney were inspired by one of Sikhism’s core principles of selfless service - “Vand Chakhna” (to share what one has with others). As they participated in food drives and community kitchens, they wanted to bring along their friends from school and neighborhood. These small efforts led to the first Rice Kids ‘cook off’ and delivery of food to a local community center to serve hot rice. The initiative was extremely well received, and led to several other projects in the US and India.


No one sleeps hungry!


Bring local communities together to serve nutritious hot meals to the hungry.

Why Rice?

Rice feeds more than half of humanity. It is a staple food for many, and frequently relished by the rest. Rice is high in nutrition, easy to cook, and makes for a great hot meal!

Why another hunger charity?

Zero Hunger is one of the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Numerous organizations and individuals are doing tremendous work to help achieve this goal, but how exactly it’s achieved also matters. From canned food and deli meats to cold unhealthy snacks, there are few organizations that provide nutritious meals to the hungry. Our goal is to provide meals that are hot, easy to cook and distribute, nutritious, and loved by everyone.

How do we make it happen?

Rice Kids works with local communities and volunteers to cook hot meals, pack them in containers, and deliver to local distribution centers within hours of cooking the meal. We run scheduled ‘cook-off’ days to streamline volunteer support and the overall process. We leverage community kitchens to prepare and pack meals for distribution. One of our main objectives is to enable kids to experience first-hand the benefits of sharing and generosity. This can only happen if they grow up in a giving environment. Rice Kids offers activities for families and communities of all ages to come together and serve. We partner with local schools and organizations who share our vision of creating “The Giving Generation”.

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